JBM 2017 – Construction d’un chemin interreligieux

The realization of an interfaith path in our school is part of the multicultural and multicultual context of the City of Mulhouse and especially of the neighborhood where our school is located. Since our students came from these different backgrounds, it seemed important for us to promote a culture of openness and respect for each one. We base ourselves on a simple principle : to respect the other, we must know it ; By discovering its riches, it is appreciated and that results in a true education for peace. 5 places have been created around the school :
-The opening of the path with a spiral symbolizing the passage from exteriority to interiority, common to the three monotheistic religions
-The Jewish garden with the symbols proper to Judaism : the Menorah and the tent of Abraham
-The Muslim garden with the 5 pillars of Islam in the form of hand and a mosaic with the word SALEM
-The flowers garden with the bust of JEAN XXIII, reminder of his work as a nuncio in Turkey for the reconciliation of Islam and Christianity
-The Christian garden with the planting of the vine and a square of weath surrounding the mosaic of Tabgah « I am the Bread of Life »
The exit of the path will be carried out in the extension : a land with men giving hands, symbol of peace.
These achievements are all based on regular contacts with the various religious communities of Mulhouse (visit of the synagogue, the mosque, the churches of various Christian rites).