JBM 2017 – Créons ensemble

The St Joseph Les Maristes Marseille high school as well as the Graphic Design HND and the access course to Art studies students are having artistic encounters workshops with disabled people.
The purpose is to have young disabled people interact in places considered as “normal”. The main idea is the sharing and discovery of two worlds that are not used to mix with each other. The organization of creative workshops revolving around a common project was a good way to make these encounters happen. These creative exchanges resulted in a deeply humane experience.
The intervention of a plastic artist is required to avoid the workshop to be led in a didactic way The St Joseph Les Maristes HND has been chosen to be the experimental school for this project which was then spread to and by other school few years later.
For more than 15 years, « Creating together » has been a high point of our training for the development of our students’ personal identity.