JBM 2017 – Digital Game

“Marist 1817-2017: A New Beginning 200 Years After”. How can the timeless message of our founder, Marcellin Champagnat, be translated into the language of today’s young people? The answer to this question is “The Secret of La Valla”, an innovative game of augmented reality for mobiles and tablets. The aim of the game is to get the participants familiar with the life of St. Marcellin and discover the values that he cultivated and spread to the first Brothers and us today. Players with the help of a digital arrow (GPS) and corresponding instructions are directed to 15 stages-moments of Father Champagnat, respond to puzzles and questions and look for the Marist values hidden in QRCodes. The game was held at the Lycée Leonin of Nea Smyrni and was attended by students, teachers, parents and Marist brothers. Participants expressed their enthusiasm both orally and in writing and recognized the game as exciting and educating.