JBM 2017 – Les astronautes maristes dans l’espace

“Les Maristes-Toulouse” school is bathing in a geo-cultural context linked to the conquest of space.
This allowed us to involve ourselves (3 years ago) in the program called; “Mission eXplorer: train like an astronaut” proposed by NASA and relayed in France by the CNES.
Students from several classes take part each year in 14 sports and 4 scientific missions.
They learn to train like astronauts and tried out scientific reasoning by studying subjects such as nutrition and bone strength.
At the end of these missions, they obtain a diploma as a student-astronaut.
21 countries are participating in this challenge, which mainly concerns physical education and biology.
At Les Maristes-Toulouse secondary school, other subjects such as art, technology and English are also concerned.
This project is extended this year by the live radio link between our students and Thomas Pesquet (the French astronaut) who is aboard the International Space Station (ISS).
This liaison was supervised by CNES, ARISS Europe, ARISS France and IDRE, which are all amateur radio associations.
It was organized by our school in December 2016.
Educational activities were offered at each level of the curriculum: 5th grade, 4th grade and 3rd grade for the occasion of this event.
Mission Xplorer happens each year, and with it, cultural and scientific school trips will be organized for our students until 2020.
• To Houston (USA) at the Space Center where astronauts from all over the world train
• To Kourou (France) where The Ariane rockets launch telecommunication satellites
• To the European Center for Astronauts in Cologne, Germany, which is specialized in training the
numerous missions carried out in the ISS
This ongoing project develops the same values as the Marist project and illustrates the motto of the year perfectly for the Marcellin Champagnat Foundation: “Vis le rêve” LIVE THE DREAM.
The Maristes-Toulouse school evolves in a geo cultural context linked to the spacial
conquest. This allowed us to join « Mission Xplorer : train like an astronaut » program
proposed by the NASA et initiated in France by the CNES.
Pupils participate in sportive and scientific missions ending with an astronaut student
diploma. Following this project, this year our pupils got a radio line with the french
astronaut Thomas Pesquet who is onboard the ISS.
Mission Xplorer reborns every year and cultural/scientific school trip are organised for our pupils to complement it, until 2020 : in Houston (USA), Kourou (FRANCE) and Cologne (GERMANY).
This yearly project and the Marist’s one share the same values.