JBM 2017 – Mullem-nos!

The project Mullem-nos (getting wet) is an itinerary for the different groups of the Centre Obert Compartir which could apply to other socioeducative spaces. It has been made up from the encounter of the experiences of the educators whom have summed their different activities and proposals into a scheme. This scheme is ordered under progressing criteria.
The main legal support for this project is the children’s espiritual development right, written in the 1989’s convention. Different marist documents also ask us to make this proposal, which develops the pastoral potencial of the Associació Gabella.
In the end of the process, the values that we want to promote in the children and youngsters are peace, gratitude, service, spirituality and humility; all this main values would display during the process, which demands weekly regularity and some special times each year. Just like water fills a glass that was already full of air, spirituality gives meaning to our inner being.