JBM 2017 – Szeressétek egymást!

The goal of this application is to introduce a social activity, which represents a major cultural asset to the Montagne-children in one costume piece.
This drama has a significant role in forming the future vision as completing the project helps advancing the moral, personal and social skills of the children. This development process, the activities and creating things together resembles our Marist principles.
Considering this, especially the 200-year anniversary, we concluded, that we shall lead our students with Marcellin’s words, acts, wholehearted love during this play.
The play’s title: Szeressétek egymást! – Marcellin Champagnat élete gyermekszemmel // Love each other! – Marcellin Champagnat’s life seen as a child.
To achieve our goal we have a long way to go. This is a very complicated process, in which different individuals are working as community and developing themselves together.
“Live your dream” – we try to live Marcellin’s dream with presenting this play. This drama’s creation, adaptation and presentation worthily concludes the last 3 year:
– In the “Montagne year”: we went on a journey with our Montagne-children, in order to lead their way with care, while keeping and evangelizing them in Marcellin Champagnat’s spirituality.
– In the “Fourviére year”: we are partners with the children in this mission, and simply do what we got to do.
– In the “La Valla year”: we try to show an example with the dream, as seen in the play, and with Marcellin father’s personality to the people in need.
We hope, that we can celebrate the bicentenary with complete faith.