JBM 2017 – Léonin Alumni Maristes Universalis Mentoring

Today’s education rapidly changes due to the integration of technology and this project makes the school relevant to real-life again, by empowering the students, not only to connect with alumni, but also efficiently engage them in their learning objectives.
Leonin students consciously take their once-in-a-lifetime academic & career decisions, in a way that empowers them to become the architects of their futures.
In practice, via this project, students are algorithmically paired with role models from their targeted companies and universities. Students prepare for the workplace of the future with role-models, who “have been there, done that” . Currently, more than 50 cherry-picked role models, from the students’ dream schools and jobs are available to speak with them on-demand, via live chat & video.
Communication is a commodity ; students can do it via Skype, Google Hangouts or many other means. Engagement is the challenge . And we allow the Léonin students to engage in designing their own futures, by empowering them via 100mentors to: select their fields of interest/industries, select the mentor/s to represent each field, pre-set the agenda of the meeting, become the protagonists of the live video sessions.
This project already impacts dozens of Frères Maristes members in a way that changes their lives, as stated in the testimonials. We made it a-ready-to-go-project! You only need to help us spread the word and multiply the impact to more Frères Maristes schools worldwide.