JBM 2017 – Projecte Adob

The Project “Adob” develops, through the use of formative capsules, the values and social attitudes from childhood to the teenage period.
This work is carried through innovative pedagogical tools. All these tools are included in a regulated education and they are based on the scenic arts. The main aim of this work is that teenagers have a space to express themselves, to be aware of what can help them in each phase of their growing process.
The different topics in which the project wants to focus are: mistreatment and child abuse, relationships with the territory, gender education, intercultural, body health, absenteeism, conflict resolution, social networks, prevention of addictions, sexual prevention, and civism.
The project’s implementation counts with direct collaboration of the director’s department, tutors, educators from Obra Social Marista de LLeida . All of them are involved in the different phases of the project from the implementation, its development and in its evaluation.